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Custom Ore Generation


What is CustomOreGen?

CustomOreGen is a mod for Minecraft that allows the player to decide what ores are generated in their worlds and how they are distributed. It offers several custom-written distributions in addition to the vanilla "cluster" distribution. It also supports mod-added ores and biomes.

Customization is the main goal of this mod. Every aspect of the ore generation can be changed through the flexible config file. Distributions can be easily added and removed. Multiple options can be provided, allowing the player to choose between them with an in-game menu. Conditional branches, mathematical expressions, and other advanced features are supported.

To report bugs, provide feedback, or share distribution settings, visit the mod's thread on the Minecraft forums.


CustomOreGen can be fully customized through the config file and the options file(s). The config file is written in XML and contains every detail of COG's ore generation. The options file is written in plain text and provides a simple way to adjust certain features in the config file without actually editing it.

CustomOreGen comes packaged with a standard configuration that supports the vanilla ores and a variety of mod-added ores, biomes, and dimensions.

All configuration is handled by the server. For single-player/LAN worlds this is the integrated server bundled with the client. For true multiplayer worlds it is the stand-alone server.

COG offers some special debugging features to make experimenting with the configuration easier.

Client Installation

This mod requires either ModLoader, ForgeModLoader, or Minecraft Forge. You must download and install one of these before installing the mod.

Risugami's Modloader is a classic but aging modding tool. COG will still run with ModLoader, but some features will be disabled (in-game options menu, debugging wireframes, and support for dimensions other than the overworld and the nether).

ForgeModLoader is a newer mod utility that is supposed to be (but frequently is not) compatible with all ModLoader mods. All major features of COG will work with FML. Some debugging features (i.e. wireframes) will not.

Minecraft Forge is an extensive API used by a large community of mods. It has many features, changes many core minecraft files, and updates frequently. All COG features work with Forge.

Once you have installed one of these three prerequisites, download the CustomOreGen [1.4.6]v2 archive and place it in your .minecraft/mods folder.

Server Installation

Because terrain generation is handled entirely by the server in multiplayer, only the server needs to have CustomOreGen installed. Players generally do not need to modify their client to play on a server with CustomOreGen. However, wireframe models and custom mystcraft symbols require client-side rendering. Players will need to install COG on their client to see the wireframe models and custom mystcraft symbols.

Only the Mojang server is supported at this time; there is not yet a port for Bukkit.

If you are a server operator, you need to download and install either Minecraft Forge or ForgeModLoader. Forge is an extensive API used by a large community of mods; FML is a relatively light-weight rewrite of the Modloader API that supports servers. Choose whichever best suits your needs. All server-side features of COG work with both Forge and plain FML.

Once you have installed one of these two prerequisites, download the CustomOreGen [1.4.6]v2 archive and place the archive in the /mods folder of your server.